Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Card Album at Target with a slide in photo or card frame on the cover

Hey looking for a super easy way to decorate your Card Album and feature a photo or card? Why not grab one of these Card Albums available at Target!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Card Album makes a great place to store and display jewlery

Are you looking for an easy way to store your jewelry pieces that you intend to sell or give as gifts? Why not attach them to cards and then pop them into a Card Album?
How to display a necklace in a card:
Poke holes in the card with a small hole punch or a piercing tool.
Cut wire at about 3 inch lengths and bend it in half.
Link the wire through the chain of the necklace so that there is very little slack.
Poke the wire through the holes and bend open.
Slide the card into the elastic spine and you a ready to grab your Card Album to show off your work or have it be your "go to" spot for gift giving!
If you like the necklace in the picture, pop on over to Craftside for the 411 on materials and how-to.

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